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Aur Batao

14 Nov 2015

Breathtaking Tawang

In my last post I had written about my Journey upto Tawang via the magical Sela Pass. After a long drive we finally managed to reach Tawang. It was cold and raining. We checked in our hotel and went out for a stroll. The life in hill stations generally comes to a standstill after the […]

29 Oct 2015

Tryst with Snow

My celebrity friend Siddhartha Joshi is the inspiration behind my visit to Tawang in West Arunachal Pradesh. He had visited Tawang some years back and shared his pictures; and instantly I was like, if one place I want to go before I die; it has to be Tawang.  Finally after procrastinating and contemplating all these […]

9 Oct 2015

I am BACK :P

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Thanks to the motivation from some of my close friends I have decided to blog again. Now on it won’t be gossip about college days, the reason why I started this blog; but about my travel experiences that inspire me every now and then in my creative activities and gives me much needed break.  I […]


  • “Never thought North-East was so beautiful”

    - People Tree
  • “Whenever I miss Assam, I just scroll your account. Really refreshing! Way to go NEST by Arpit Agarwal”

    - Sabi