Alone@Heritage Walk

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I did not want to leave Ahmedabad…without experiencing the most talked about “Walk” in the city….as I have just few more months to go here…..

Today was the day when I decided to go for the “Heritage Walk”. It has been almost 2 years since I have been in Ahmedabad….and till today had not been for this walk which covers the heritage of Ahmedabad (Old City) which includes architecture, religious places, culture and traditions……

I had planned to go for the walk with few of my colleagues…..But they all backed out and this taught me a lesson that never ask anybody for anything….This was not the 1st instance, earlier also…..people backed out from chaos, then rock idols……and for sure few more such incidents must have happened with me…..but cant recollect it now…..

Finally decided to set off for the walk all Alone…..Till the time I reached the starting point of the stroll I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing….of me going for it alone without my friends….

After I reached the starting point I found foreigners and other tourists waiting for the guide to come…. The guide came and we set off for the walk…..

Initially missed my mates…..slowly and gradually… so such engrossed into the walk and photography….that there was no such moment when I missed any of my friends…

So I don’t regret going all alone for the walk…..infact it was more fun and exciting without them…

I hope in future there will be such more occasions when I will get a chance to be all by myself…( but will prefer friends to accompany me…hahahahha)

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  1. Aparna
    February 8, 2007

    You would hv got my company had it not been for you know what.. 😉

    and yeah, m still recovering from the shock of you alone @ heritage walk! bravo!


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