12 Jul 2010


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“Facing your own fears is the greatest fear” By Anonymous

7 May 2010


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“Misunderstandings=Fatal”. By Anonymous

24 Apr 2010


“Technologically Handicapped”. By Anonymous

18 Apr 2010

Single@’Kabab Mein Haddi’

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“Tum Kabab Mein Haddi Kyun Ban Rahe Ho” When everyone around you is in a Relationship… What are Singles suppose to do?… Be Loners 😀

15 Apr 2010


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“Nostalgia is Comforting”. By Anonymous

25 Mar 2010


” There’s no feeling like the winning in sport and it makes all of life’s little pains and irritations disappear”. By Dale Steyn, RCB Bowler

10 Mar 2010


“Permanent Problems are better than Inconsistent Problems”. By Anonymous

28 Dec 2009


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One just flew over my head… A Kite (Bird) flew over, but not without leaving bleeding scars on my head…

29 Nov 2009


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“Instead of blindly following the concept of sustainability we should get our basics right” By Anonymous

8 Nov 2009


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..ahahha……….. Few days ago, at the institute canteen I was having breakfast with some of my friends. Saw this dog staring at everyone’s food and her eyes said “I am starving”….This dog had given birth to few puppies some days back. So I decided to feed her with some more biscuits that were in my […]