11 Jan 2009


“What happened in Mumbai was an unpardonable crime”: Pranab Mukherjee Only the Mumbai Attacks are unpardonable??? What happened to all the other terrorist/militant attacks that have been happening over the years and especially in 2008. Only that the rich and famous were the casualties this time(Mumbai attacks)”its unpardonable”… Is it justified? What happened to the […]

30 Dec 2008


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27 Dec 2008


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The traffic has increased many folds since I stepped for the first time in the historic city almost 4 years back. Few years back (as per my observations) there were hardly any traffic snarls, jams or anything… but today the scene is totally different. The number of vehicles on the road have just been on […]

27 Dec 2008


It really hurts when people disrespect your love and care for them. Its painful. By Anonymous

25 Dec 2008
24 Dec 2008


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VS appeared from no where to everyone’s surprise… I was totally shocked when I saw VS, seemed like an illusion to begin with and then had to hug for some good 5 minutes to realize that someone is back. But still couldn’t believe and pinched myself. It was one of the best surprises I have […]

11 Dec 2008
3 Dec 2008


* “Blame it on your LUCK for anything wrong that happens in your life” * “Commonsense is most uncommon” By Anonymous

24 Nov 2008

Experience@Rann of Kachchh

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The Great Rann of Kachchh is one of the most magnificent landscape I have ever seen in my life till date. I have been in Ahmedabad for almost 4 years now, but never got a chance to see the Rann and it was like ‘yet so near yet so far’… Requesting some 100 people to […]

20 Nov 2008


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Got an unexpected scrap from a friend on Orkut, saying that “call me on this number, have something very important to tell you…” As usual I didn’t have balance on my phone, so gave him a missed call. He called me back after few minutes. I received his call and his first line was ” […]