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Delhi can be called as city ‘Under-construction’….Where ever you go, one can just see construction and more construction taking place… The whole Delhi NCR is gripped with the fever of construction activities be it NOIDA, Gurgaon, Faridabad etc. etc. and Delhi itself. The construction activities include roads, residential and commercial complexes, gigantic shopping malls, Metro Rail, flyovers and many more. With new projects coming up every day and being approved, seems that these activities of building blocks will just never end…… At the present scenario the Delhi NCR can surely be called as National Construction Region/National Concrete Region…….


  1. Chandan
    June 28, 2008


    The primary reason is Commonwealth Games 2010 that is supposed to happen in New Delhi. They have certain deadlines and standards to meet and most of which are part of the construction.

    Mainly the malls, roads, metro railways, hotels and some renovations are happening. The interesting thing is that when the commonwealth delegates came to visit Delhi to see how the progress was, they said that Delhi is lagging far behind the schedule, this could even result to New Delhi not getting any chance to host commonwealth and any other games in future.

    The pressure to meet the deadline is huge. Specially in cities like Gurgaon which is expected to provide a lot of Hotel space and entertainment for the visitors. Visit the malls section about Gurgaon, you would find more and more malls are coming up in Gurgaon to meet some of the standard needs.

    But we are hopeful it’s all going to end well.



  2. Aur Batao
    July 2, 2008

    Its good that we are preparing for a World Event… all the construction and development taking place is great….. but after the games are over who is going to look after all the blocks that have been created..only living example of good maintainence since its inception as of I know has been the Delhi Metro…thats about it…


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