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Yesterday, after we decided to go for dinner very late in the night, around 10.35 pm, we were very doubtful of getting any place that would serve us at this time…. But we still decided to go out and give it a try…. We went to a place called KUND…. But the waiting was too much, we still waited for sometime, finally gave up. Decided to go home as we were sure we won’t get food any where at this moment… On the way back home, we came across the restaurant called VILLAGE and decided to give another try as we were totally not in a mood to eat at home….

We went up and asked the manager if it was still open…. It was almost 11, the closing time for all the community places in Bangalore (its sad …….). The manager was not sure that if they could allow us and then he said you people have to leave by 11.15. I was like “dinner in 15 mins”…. The manager asked us to order fast and eat even faster… and we replied with “you have to serve fast”… They were like No Problem.

We went and set….and in 25 minutes we were through with the dinner……with ordering, eating and paying…….the fastest meal in a restaurant I ever had…… yuuuuummmmm…

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  1. Cool Spice
    December 16, 2007

    wow.. truly “Fast Food” … wish all restaurants were like that… 🙂


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