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Yesterday was my last day in office in Bangalore. Though will be working in Mumbai for next 2 weeks and after that I am done with my project.

I will take this opportunity to give a vote of thanks to people here at my company who have helped in my work and as well as a friend and for giving me a wonderful experience which I think I will remember through rest of my life….

Here, will thank 1st of all the immediate co-designers NS, IK and AS. I am mentioning them at the very first as they were the people with whom I interacted the most and have been in close proximity. They all have been a wonderful company. Thanks to them that I had fun at work, good laugh, shared ups and downs. Went through fights and arguments without much fuss. The best thing was that we all gelled in pretty well instantly.

Now I will like to thank PDF for first of all giving me the opportunity to do this project. Trusting me to deliver the goods. I hope I haven’t disappointed her. It was an enriching experience to work under one of the famous jewelry designers in the country. On the whole it was nice though we had share of arguments, ups and downs. Thanks for all the support.

KS has been an idol of perfection. It was a privilege to work under somebody so experienced and organized. She must have gone through a million troubles in fixing and managing MPs and all other stuff. Time when she was flooded with PDIS and she had to revert back in no time. But she managed to do it almost with perfection. Thanks for all the support.

NA Thank You for taking all the trouble to make CADS without which I am sure it would have been just impossible. HP, G and K thanks for all the support.

SJ was good company. Though didn’t interact much on the work front, still had nice experience working with her. Too had share of jokes and moments of fun. SJ thanks for all the good time and support.

Now its RM turn, Thank You RM for doing all the work which was not your job. You really managed it well with innumerable changes and all.

The BIG Bosses, Thanks SK and MT for the support and words of encouragement and motivation when the team really needed it.

BG, haven’t interacted much with him, but whatever interaction happened, was fruitful and nice. Wish he was here for some more time. But USA calling, didn’t allow it to happen.

Hanumantappa….Thanks for Black Tea every morning…and coffee’s and tea’s throughout the day… I think without which work would have never progressed. Thanks for keeping us afresh throughout the day.

Now rest of the Department, haven’t spoken to them much than just one or two occasions, but it feels that have known them for quite sometime. Had few instances of fun at RK’s Farewell though it was a bit formal. But Mysore was good fun. Wish could have come out more of the closed studio and interacted with you people more. It was really nice to be around with you all.

Overall it has been a GOOD EXPERIENCE, an enlightening one for sure. Went through tough times but with team’s support all that became just a thing of past. Thank you all once again.

I am now eagerly waiting to hear the news Store Launch and finally it seeing the light of the day and go ahead to reach new heights of success and achievements.

And also wish the whole team that each one in the team does well for the company and for themselves and take team to greater heights. After few years down the line I can with great pride say that I was part of the team ONCE UPON A TIME.

P.S.: I am extremely sorry to each one of them who if had any bad experience with me. Really sorry. And no hard feelings for anyone.

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