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Yesterday was my 1st official dinner at TITAN, it was a get together for the IBD (International Business Division) Team at Titan for the farewell of its head and another colleague (They getting on to some new project….)

We….the newly joined ones were a bit excited, skeptical of how the party would be like and also shy as we hardly knew anyone there (though we knew them by face…..hmmm)

The party was interesting in the beginning…..(Titan too have a funda of ragging… hahahmm) But we escaped….!!!

We got introduced to few people….the environment was very friendly and people were constantly talking about work and all……..HUH

Some were in the 7th heaven after their share of drinks and all……but all in control.

But then the official farewell started and now was the time to give speeches…..and the speeches at start were decent…..but later it become so boring….all repeatative…..HUH! May be for us for sure as we didnt know the people at all…..but I think others must have enjoyed.

We were so bored but the best part of the night was the CAKE….it was like heaven, one of the best cakes I have ever had……too good….yummmm

Thatz it…..waiting for a better dinner/party in the future…..@TITAN

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  1. Neelam Prabhu Gaonker
    August 31, 2007

    oh…the best part about any party is always the food….my funda of life :p :)))))


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