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This Blog named Aur Batao started with the objective of me writing about gossips and other interesting happenings in the campus…Even I was really excited about the whole aura that was created around this Blog…… ‘My Blog will be the most sought after one’. (hahahah… just joking) My classmates were all very excited about my gossips finally getting published and also me getting the much awaited respect and accolades… hehehheheee….. They all waited for my 1st post to be published and all were expecting some kind of a bombardment of gossips, rumors and what not…..

But to everybody’s disappointment I came up with a post that was not original, didn’t have any tadka in it….. I found a perfect thing on Aur Batao…and that was ‘Aur Batao Syndrome’….and that’s what my Blog is all about (not sure… hmmm…)….and my 1st post….

Now people waited in the hope that I will at least come up with some gossips this time….and some gossips that they haven’t heard from word of mouth…. After a long wait….they were let down again……I came up with a post about our trip and surprisingly it had no gossips in it again….ahahhahhaa…..

And since then none of my post had any kind of tittle-tattle…..and each passing day the posts are becoming more serious (this is what people say….) and ‘it doesn’t go with me at all’…..People want me to write funny and rumored filled stuff…..

However I have realized that gossips should not get published and it should always spread through word of mouth or like Chinese whispers and therefore making each rumor totally spiced up at the end of the round….hahahahaha….


  1. arty
    March 9, 2007

    its true .. even i have been dying 2 read NOT SOME GOSSIP… but obviously something that is alsoo you ..which is fun …so get onto 2 some fun writing …

  2. maithilikabre
    March 9, 2007

    mmm..ur post actually makes sense and its so true that gossip should rather be whispered n trickle down!!…
    hey but this is ARPIT!!>..give us something funny and spicy nevrtheless!!!…hardcore gossip you keep it for the chinese whispers…
    but do remeber always why this blog started in the first place!!..;)

  3. Aparna
    March 10, 2007

    congratulations on ur first non confusing non nostalgic non deep-in-thought post! and it had to be about gossip after all! 😉

    stop this. start ‘that’ 😛

  4. pratima
    March 10, 2007

    hehehehehhe..tu itna kabse sudhar gaya..


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