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The day before yesterday my friend (MK) and I decided to make the best use of our hobbies and make some money out of it……So we decided to make some hand made jewellery and sell it to people in the institute and if it doesn’t sell we can look for our customers elsewhere…..

Both of us were really excited about the whole idea….more than me my friend was more keyed up……but overall we both were thrilled with this plan…

So yesterday we decided to sit for few hours in the night after dinner and make as many pieces of jewellery as we could…… and then put them on sale….

So we went to a nearby shop to hunt for some raw material and make an addition to our already existing collection of raw materials which includes beads, shells and many more things…. While buying the stuff we thought that we should hopefully be able to recover the money we were investing….and if we made some profit then on…..then may be treat ourselves to dinner or something….

Yesterday night after dinner we set down in AM’s room (thanks a ton for the help man…) and we started off on this venture…… with all enthusiasm and encouragement from each other plus AM….(thanks once again man…..)…and by 4 in the morning we were able to come up with many many pieces…….which included some value addition to the old ones……then we set down to do the pricing and then just hoped that it sold…..

Today after all the confusion and chaos….we were finally on sale in the evening in our studio and thanks to my classmates especially (AR, NS, RK…) we got an overwhelming response…. . and pieces were picked from the counter at the speed of knots ( few still left)…. And both of us got really happy with the outcome… and thus we were elated with our 1st ever endeavour… and hoping to have many more such ventures………in future……..

(P.S.: Thanks all who bought the exclusive jewellery…..hahahahhaha)


  1. Aparna
    March 31, 2007

    anytime! 🙂

  2. ][ ][ '][' ][
    March 31, 2007

    thoda discount hi de dete! 🙂
    proud of u nevertheless!

  3. maithilikabre
    April 7, 2007

    here’s hoping to round 2 soon…:)…


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