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Got an unexpected scrap from a friend on Orkut, saying that “call me on this number, have something very important to tell you…”

As usual I didn’t have balance on my phone, so gave him a missed call. He called me back after few minutes. I received his call and his first line was ” Oye kaisa hain, I am getting married” and I was like “whattttttt……….yeh kab hua…”

More than getting surprised by the good news, it was listening to his voice after almost seven years… Never spoke after we left school.

The best part about the call was that we could connect instantly. While speaking it never felt that we had not spoken for soooo long or haven’t met. He invited me for his wedding and I said “yes I will surely come…”

P.S: There are times when you talk to friends/people after years & you don’t feel the gap and there are times even when you talk almost everyday you still don’t feel connected…


  1. Anish Daolagupu
    November 21, 2008

    you said you were getting married… how do you know he’s speaking the truth???

  2. bhavin
    November 25, 2008

    very true arpit…


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