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Today (08.06.2007)….is exactly eight years since I had embarked on my journey from Dibrugarh to Delhi with a hope to find a new life, to reach new horizons, to face the unknown challenges… and many more……

And today exactly (coincidently) after 8 years I am back home (only for a vacation… though)…. after almost completing my education….

These 8 years have given me scores of experiences; have gone through countless incidents… It has been a journey full of emotions….. happyness, sorrows, depressions, elations, love, hate, frustrations, satisfactions, success, failures and the list goes on…..But each of these emotions has given me something to learn from…..

I thank GOD and my parents (once I deeply regretted why I left Dibrugarh…) for giving me the opportunity to go out of a small town to a mysterious world… otherwise I would have never got a chance to experience what I have in these eventful 8 years of my life….


  1. pratima
    June 10, 2007

    jaanemannnnnnnn i am missing u a lot!!! 8 years…i was thinking y didnt i meet u before…im serious..two years were not at sufficient…u r the sweetest thing happened to me..but i realized dat now… 🙂

  2. graphiculture
    June 12, 2007

    ya the same nostalgic feel happed to me for delhi on june 1st but ya it was for much less 2yrs……one of the many notable things to happen in these yrs is meeting u dude……

  3. Cool Spice
    June 19, 2007

    its nice sometimes to take a breather and look back… u’ll realise u’ve gained much more than u’ve lost and the frustrations and fears seem so miniscule now.. its about perspective… sometimes its good to see ursefl in the big picture… 🙂


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