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A trip to Jaisalmer was hanging over the decision of whether to stay in the SWISS tents overnight at the sand dunes of the Golden City.

But after a great deal of persuasion and emotional blackmails, managed to convince fellow mates to join the trip…but unfortunately one of the friends backed out due to unavoidable state of affairs…..

Finally we managed to kick start the tour in a comfortable Tempo Traveler, the excursion I always craved for….After a long and bumpy Tempo ride we reached the Maru Bhumi….

We spent a day in the city…visited various places of historical importance and … was the time to leave for the most awaited part of the whole tour…..”The Swiss Tents”.

Before we could reach the tents….some of us had to go through the process of losing our virginity to the camels…Though the camel ride was painful, it is an experience that everyone should have in their life…..

After having a GALA time in the sand dunes…we headed for the TAMBU…the Swiss tents….The initial impression of the place was exciting and felt relaxed…as I wont be murdered by my pals for paying fortunes for a below average stay…The Bedroom was big, toilet and bathroom rocked…..The tent had stunning light inside, which even made an ordinary looking chick look pretty and nice….the New Giesha Was Born….

We spent the key hours of the darkness around the bonfire….where it was fun to unravel the hidden talents amongst the group….

After this came the realization time, when we decided to have PAISA WASOOL, so all of us headed for the Tambu to have a Bambu of a time…

It was nice and cozy inside the blankets…and few of us gathered to have a gossip session and amongst these….1 or 2 decided to have a dosage of Amrit Jal….hahahhhaa

I went off to sleep as didn’t feel like being a part of it and was also extremely tired….

I suppose they for sure would have gossiped about me and G… usual…then obviously other hot topics @NID…

Later on everyone went off to sleep and it was not that cold in the night as we all expected…with few totally paranoid about the whole deal of staying over in the tent…

Next day we all got up…and one by one…tried to manage a bath with just a bucket of hot water….again it was an experience to have a freshening up session in the makeshift structure.

Some of the tour members took their own sweet time to get ready…which was quite pissing off as we were getting late for our next destination…..Anyways what can one do about it…nothing…

After breakfast….we all embarked on the journey to the INDO-PAK Border….

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    February 8, 2007 tents in jaisalmer. talk of globalisation!


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