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On my journey from ahmedabad to delhi, I met few people in the train…..who were highly educated and big personalities……They all were having big talks but i kept myself out of it……and acted like a silent listener….

One was ex PA to the Honorable Railway Minister, one was a big BusinessMan in Ahmd, one was management consultant to Lintas, Nicholas etc…and one was studying at PGI, Chandigarh…so one can imagine the intense discussion they must have had…

And here are the minutes of the meeting:

1. To open a helpline service on How to leave INDIA.
2. Have reservation in Upper Class.
3. Withdraw from the system and be least bothered.
4. Government has all the power and one can do nothing.
5. Don’t tell me about the problems of the country(we discuss that all the time), but tell me 5 things you can do.
6. Always pray to the person whom you look upto, has the qualties you want to posses…. things will be all fine….
7. Do the best and try to be AN ICON in your field.
8. There are 3 types of targets: Immediate, Intermediate and Final and all should go hand in hand.

P.S.: rest I dont remember and ya PA was very irritating…..

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  1. Cool Spice
    June 19, 2007

    woaa… looks like ur train journey was even more boring than mine… i spent time reading shantaram, chasing cockroaches and chilling to death in the dirty blanket.. offf… was so nice to finally reach ahmdebad…


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