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It’s really shocking when you get to hear the news that one of your very close ones or somebody’s close one is not going to live for long……It gives jitters… You start thinking… WHY???

It is even more shattering when you hear something like this for someone who has just managed to make his or her kids stand on their feet…and when the time has come for the kids to take responsibilities in life and see them blossom into a respected human being, the person is not going to be there to see the transition…. It’s a horrible feeling.

It almost makes me go onto my knees thinking about people, relatives and especially the dearest ones who are going to go through the pain and trauma after the person is gone. It makes me shiver imagining a situation which anyone will hate to even imagine in one’s lifetime…

And the worst is when you have the money or love or the strength to assure that things turn out fine, but still you are watching things happen as you can do nothing about it. Life can be so cruel. At times nothing, be it money, emotions or anything can help you turn things around. One has to accept the bitter fact of life. It’s easy to say…”accept the fact”, but only the person who goes through it will be able to explain how painful it is…

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