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Nostalgia is something that never seems to go, as the time passes by, the emotion seems to get stronger and deeper.

Sports has always been my Favorite. Have grownup seeing various sports like tennis, cricket, formula one, football, athletics, table tennis and many more.

Over the years, I had followed certain players in different games. Some of them being favorites and some just time pass 😛 I think everyone has a favorite in a particular sport which acts as a catalyst for one to keep following the game till the drive to follow finally fades away… .. .

All these years I have been stalking specific players and the two players who have always kept me motivating are Sachin Tendulkar in Cricket and Steffi Graf in Tennis. Out of the two one has retired and Tendulkar is inching towards it.

Even 10 years after her retirement, I can’t believe that she is not playing professional tennis anymore. Even today I can watch her past matches on youtube and read articles written about her years back. So great has been her aura that she still manages to bring a smile on my face.

Tendulkar. There was a time when I was so nervous watching him play that I would change the channel (Similar was the story when Graf used to play). The sole reason I started following cricket was Tendulkar. Today the whole world is speculating about his retirement, which is sooner or later going to come true. For sure even years after his retirement I can read about him and watch his innings online. The day he announces his retirement, will mean a curtain on an era that will never be repeated and end of my motivation to follow cricket.


    September 14, 2009

    we all have favs…but i guess steffie graff and sachin tendulkar are these mammoth figures of sports…whom every sports lover follows…and afterall,the spirit of the sport is kept by the followers(like you:P) as much as the players.So keep the faith!

  2. Aur Batao
    September 14, 2009


  3. Neelam Prabhu Gaonker
    October 6, 2009

    i too felt sooooo nervous watchin sachin play…especially when he wud be on 33 and 99 runs…:D


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