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Return of the Queen of Bollywood…..The hype, the aura behind it has been just remarkable. Any TV channel you surf, any newspaper you read, radio stations, websites…all chanting about The Million Dollar Smile Diva….of the Indian Film Industry. Her come back to the Hindi cinema almost after 7 years……has taken the Indian citizens by storm…. Everyone, movie lovers across almost all age groups have been waiting for her return to cinema, like never before….

And after I saw the movie, I can say she didn’t let down anyone…. She looked outstandingly gorgeous as ever except few places where you could make out her wrinkles…. And her daaaancing was just better than ever before…. The thing that was really weird was when she gets the sets; daaaancers and everything arranged in a day’s time….for her comeback show at Shamli….

The movie is a typical, happy go lucky type…. Every bad thing is followed by a good thing…. Following the philosophy of life….. Though the plot is very predictable but the innocence in the movie made it nice….all the characters looked very natural…..though everyones’ full potential was not explored.

The Dance was amazing in the movie…. The end performance was just brilliant….. The theatre look that they have portrayed is really nice…..

Overall the movie is pleasant and worth watching……..

P.S.: And coincidently I went with a friend whose name was Shamli too….. hhehehe

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