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A Weekend Getaway to Chikmaglur and its nearby hilly areas…..

Friends and PM managed to make a successful plan to visit this place….. my colleagues and I were last minute additions as we had planned for Pondicherry….but didn’t work out…..So decided to pile on PM and friends as we were desperate for a holiday…..

This was one of the very good trips I had in recent times….. Though it was full of anxious moments……

1. The Bus Ride to Mulayanagiri: Curvy, narrow and scary roads…
2. The Bus Ride to Kemmangundi: Night time, all dark, strange noises….
3. The Dinner at Kemmangundi: Shabby restaurant, too scared to eat ….but no choice….
4. The Cottage: Seemed like a haunted house, nobody ever lived there other than insects and ghosts may be…
5. The Night in the Cottage: Strange noises again…..couldn’t sleep the whole night….
6. Trekking to Z- point: Scary Mountains and country of leeches, leeches sucking blood all the way without even us realizing it….

But overall a very good experience even with all the above moments…… infact it made the trip very adventurous……hmmmm…. Waiting for another trip like this…..


  1. maithilikabre
    October 26, 2007

    yuck!!…leeches!!!..the other horrors sound much better than these creepy things!

  2. Aur Batao
    October 26, 2007

    some of the members of the group went mad…..trying to keep away from these leeches…they were the most interesting part of the trip..hehehehe

  3. graphiculture
    October 31, 2007

    u sound to come from other part of the world… may be….!


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