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Since childhood I have been a great fan of sports. Always loved sports be it Lawn Tennis, Athletics, Cricket, Football, F1, Table Tennis and many more….. Also played Table Tennis professionally, took part in school games and all. It was great fun playing, participating and watching others playing too… At times use to get goose bums watching sports, especially watching Tendulkar bat and Steffi Graf playing tennis. The excitement use to be at its peak.

But today things are not the same. Everything is so commercialized, so much money is in stake for the companies sponsoring the events, sports just seem a publicity medium for the various companies and brands. Things have started looking fake. Sportsmanship in players seem to fade with each passing day though exceptions are always there.

The biggest disappointment has been the match fixing scandals. Be it cricket, football, tennis etc etc., each sport is slowly and gradually getting into the grip of match fixing. Thanks to the companies who would like certain teams and players to perform, they have enough money to buy the other team to force a desired result.

Now a days players seem to just play for money, the feeling of winning for the country has seem to just disappear. Not all are in the same boat but with the way things are heading its not far that each one will be involved in it. I hope, its not this way. Because of all these speculations my interest in sports over the years has come down remarkably.

Even though players play with true spirits we have a doubt. Things have changed so much that we suspect everything. Its a horrible feeling.

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