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The traffic has increased many folds since I stepped for the first time in the historic city almost 4 years back. Few years back (as per my observations) there were hardly any traffic snarls, jams or anything… but today the scene is totally different. The number of vehicles on the road have just been on a constant rise and with no infrastructure to support it, Ahmedabad is on it’s way of becoming yet another typical city of India where Traffic Chaos is a part of every commuter’s life.

Residents with very little traffic sense, helpless traffic police and streets under construction all the time for civil work, the situation is one of misery.


  1. bhavin
    December 28, 2008

    Arpit, I feel you have expressed in quite decent words! Of the few cities I have observed, Ahmedabad is the worst in traffic sense! In all other cities people atleast care for their own lives while on the road, in Ahmedadabad they don’t! To the extent that I feel people just don’t know what they are doing. No one uses mirrors, turn indicators, junctions and use of horn is only to irritate others, unsuccessfully!!! I don’t think even 3-4% of Ahmedabadis know use of hi-beam and low-beam (uper-dipper). They don’t even realize that they are bliding the oncoming traffic, using hi-beam at speed of 30 inside city! There is nothing like wrong side in Ahmedabad, even on highway. Every vehicle is a Hummer, crossing dividers and willing to crush smaller ones.
    You say Ahmedabad is on the verge of becoming like any other city in India. I don’t think so. I don’t see any intention even at authority level. Unlike some ‘other’ cities here they are spending money like water on ultra-modern BRTS bus stops, but don’t even feel they should also increase height of dividers every time they put a new layer of tar on road! Instead of thinking of any safety related actions for construction sites, civil works people happily spread gravel allover the crowded roads and junctions for easy skidding of all vehicles…and keep it like that for days before proceeding! I don’t see any good intentions Arpit!

  2. bhavin
    December 28, 2008

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  3. Aur Batao
    December 29, 2008

    Thanks Bhavin on throwing light on the issue…
    By saying “Ahmedabad is on the verge of becoming like any other city” I mean it will be another chaotic city in India when traffic is concerned.


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